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  • ...or concelebration to outright declarations that such groups are themselves apostates, that is, no longer Orthodox.
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  • ...e "new ritualists" with [[chrism|myrrhon]], since Popovtsy discern between apostates and heretics. As a consequence of the fact that some [[priest]]s never acce
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  • ...Monastery, who supported large monastery holding and held strong ideas how apostates should be treated, including death for the leaders of the Judaizers and imp ...pposed both the secular persecution and ecclesiastic trial of heretics and apostates, and questioned the church’s role in bringing them back to the church oth
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  • ...le Orthodox Christians would agree that these passages did indeed speak of apostates to come--such as [[Arius]], [[Nestorius]] and [[Paul of Samosata]], for ins polygamous splinter churches which the the mainline LDS Church sees as apostates. It excommunicates anyone advocating or practicing polygamy. Despite the hu
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  • ...he Nestorians is a form, counted as a sacrament, for the reconciliation of apostates and excommunicated persons, prayers from which are occasionally used in cas ...being used in Baptism, possibly in Confirmation, in the reconciliation of apostates, etc., in the consecration of churches, and the making of bread for the Euc
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  • ...604. In 616, after the death of his patron and having refused communion to apostates, he was forced to leave London and take refuge in Gaul. He returned to Engl
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  • Moscow]] all the material from his inquiry, together with a list of the apostates he had discovered and their writings. The struggle with the Judaizers becam
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  • ...logian]] of the third century who took a strict position on readmission of apostates during the persecutions of the time. His followers formed a schismatic grou
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  • ...m about faith and, finally, rebuked them for their betrayal of Christ. The apostates were filled with hatred for John and desired his ruin. John knew this, but
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  • [[Category: apostates|Alexandroff]]
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  • ...derived from the life of an early martyr, St. Cassias of Imola, killed by apostates. Such a purported end could resonate with Eriugena's position as perhaps th
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