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  • ...accolade given to St. [[John the Forerunner]]) was a very small [[church]] in the suburbs of Athens, Greece that is associated with St. [[Papa-Nicholas ( ...with handsome walls of dressed stone. A [[narthex]] and frescos were added in the seventeenth century.
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  • ...Fool-for-Christ]], was an [[asceticism|ascetic]] of the fourteenth century in [[Novgorod]], Russia who, through "mimical" warfare with the Blessed [[Theo ...t of folly for the Lord's sake. He roamed the city dressed in rags whether in the bitter cold of winter or the heat of summer, enduring beatings, insults
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  • ...vsky, a church cantor, and his wife Maria on [[April 9]], 1877. He grew up in a loving and disciplined home. His father was an expert on Church [[hymn]]s ...a [[deacon]], and on [[October 9]], 1905, he was ordained a [[hieromonk]]. In 1907, at the insistence of the brethren of the [[monastery]] he entered the
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  • ...a Chinese born in [[w:Beijing|Beijing]] at the [[Russian Orthodox Mission in China|Mission]] on [[January 28]], 1925. The Russians also knew him by his ...k theological training and served as [[reader]] in Ss. Peter & Paul Church in Hong Kong. Fr. Stefan was musically trained as a choir director.
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  • .... These heroes, unfortunately, largely escape the attention of most people in the Church. ...p Leonty of Chile, a fearless propagator of Orthodox Christianity at first in Russia and later outside of it. His historic place is that of a true confes
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  • ...Alaska)|Makary]], one of the original missionaries to Alaska from Valaam, in the late 1790s, and is the site of one of St. [[Innocent of Alaska]]'s most ...may have been larger, but at the time of St. Innocent's first enumeration in 1867, the population of the three villages combined was less than 100.
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  • ...oble]<ref>{{cite book|last=Noble |first=John |date=1960 |title=I Found God in Soviet Russia |publisher=Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd. |location=London |pa ...d and published his account (cited below) of his ten years of imprisonment in the ''Soviet Gulags''.
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