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As Emperor Theodosius supported Eutyches, Eutyches’ appeal to Theodosius of Flavian’s finding against him resulted in a called for a full synodal review. The [[Robber Council of Ephesus|second council of Ephesus]] was convened in 449. Presided over by [[Dioscorus of Alexandria]] and supported by the emperor, the council became a trial of Flavian, Theodoret, and [[Ibas of Edessa]], who were deposed along with Domnus of Antioch and Eusebius of Dorylaeum, Eutyches was restored to his office. Pope Leo’s tome that followed Cyril’s faith was discarded by Dioscorus without any consideration. Upon hearing of the actions of the council, Leo called the council ‘a den of thieves’ and is recorded in history as a [[Robber Council]].
While the council was endorsed by Emperor Theodosius, his death on [[July 28]], 450 brought a reversal in Constantinople as Augusta [[Pulcheria the Empress|Pulcheria]], who had supported Cyril, returned to power. She and her new husband, the General and new emperor [[Marcian]], convened an international [[Fourth Ecumenical Council|counci]]l on [[October 8]], 451 at [[Chalcedon]] that declared the “robber council” of 449 null and void and, found that Leo’s position as expressed in his tome was consistent with Cyril’s faith. The council agreed on the orthodoxy of the [[christology ]] of Cyril’s confession.
Eutyches was deposed and exiled, but apparently in exile he continued to expound his position, as attested to by Pope Leo’s request in 454 that Eutyches be banished to a more distant place. Eutyches died in exile in 456.
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