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George the Trophy-bearer

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[[image:George.jpg|right|thumb|The holy [[martyr]] George slaying the dragon in a 15th-century [[icon]] from Novgorod, now in the Russian Museum.]]The holy, glorious and right-victorious Great-[[martyr]] and Trophy-bearer '''George''' was a Christian Roman soldier killed under [[Diocletian]] at the beginning of the fourth century. Though he was born in Cappadocia, his mother was from Palestine, and thus he is a particular favorite of many Palestinian Christians. He is also the [[patron saint]] of Moscow, Georgia, and England, amongst other places. The Church commemorates George on [[April 23]], and the [[Translation (relics)|translation ]] of his [[relics]] on [[November 3]].
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[[el:Γεώργιος, Άγιος]]
[[fr:Georges le Tropéophore]][[pt:Jorge, o Vitorioso]][[ro:Sfântul mare mucenic Gheorghe, purtătorul de biruinţă]]