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Once there, Robert visited various [[monastery|monasteries]] and churches, including sites in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Moscow and [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev]], soon becoming quite the sensation. Sundry periodicals began publishing pictures and articles on him, and soon Robert became the Special Guest of the Tsar. He was allowed to be present for the anniversary celebrations of [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II's]] coronation, and the [[Memorial Services|memorial service]] said for the repose of the soul of the late Emperor Alexander III.<ref>''The Daily Gleaner.'' ''[ Priest's Visit: Father Raphael of Greek Orthodox Church: His Extensive Travels].'' July 22, 1913.</ref>
Leaving Russia, Robert traveled Turkey, Cyprus, and the [[Holy Land]], returning to America and writing an article to the ''Russian-American Orthodox Messenger'' (''Vestnik'') in 1904 about his experience in Russia. In this open letter, Morgan expressed hope that the Anglican Church could unite with the Orthodox Churches, clearly moved by his experience in Russia.<ref group="note">Upon Morgan's departure from Russia, he wrote a letter, which was reprinted in the October/November 1904 English supplement to the ''Vestnik'' (Russian Orthodox American Messenger), the official publication of the [[Orthodox Church in America|Russian Archdiocese in America]]. Here is the text of that letter:<br><small>
:I, Robert Josias Morgan, a legally consecrated cleric of the American Episcopal Church, find it necessary to make it publicly known, that I am not a Bishop, as it was announced in some magazines and daily papers…<br>
:… I am not a Bishop, but a legally consecrated deacon. I came to Russia in no way to represent anything, and I was not sent by anybody. I came as a simple tourist, chiefly with the object to see the churches and the monasteries of this country, to enjoy the ritual and the service of the holy Orthodox Church, about which I heard so much abroad. And I am perfectly satisfied with everything I saw and witnessed.<br>
:God bless the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of this country! God bless the Emperor and all the reigning family! God grant them a long life, peace and prosperity!<br>
:I am sincerely yours in God and in the name of Mary,<br>
:Robert Josias Morgan.<br></small>(Matthew Namee. ''"[ Robert Josias Morgan visits Russia, 1904]."'' '''''' (The Society for Orthodox Chrisitan History in the Americas). September 15, 2009.)</ref> People of African descent were generally well-received within the Russian Empire, Morgan believed. [[w:Abram Petrovich Gannibal|Abram Hannibal]] had served under Emperor Peter the Great, and rose to lieutenant general in the Russian Army. Visiting artists, foreign service officials, and athletes, such as famous horse jockey [[w:James Winkfield|Jimmy Winkfield]], were likewise welcomed. With his experience of Russia and Russian Orthodoxy fresh in his mind, Morgan returned to the United States and continued his spiritual quest.<ref name=Oliver>Fr. Oliver Herbel. ''Morgan, Raphael.'' '''[ The African American National Biography]''' at ''''''. 1-Jan-2008.</ref>
===Study and Trip to Ecumenical Patriarchate===