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== [[Deanery]] Notice == Were you aware that your source (La Crosse) is Roman Catholic? I don't know whether it makes any difference in the definition one of a deaneryserial vandals, but I thought I should point it out anyway. {{User:Magda/sig}} 07:41, January 19, 2006 (CST) :Yes I was. I am certainly not against Catholic, Protestant, or anything for that matter, when it coincides with truth. I was not able to find a reasonable online source from an Orthodox perspective trolls and thought that these words were appropriate for Orthodox deaneries as wellsockpuppetters of Wikipedia. [[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe]] 20060119 == Pic == Nice to see you Joe! {{User:FrJohn/sig}} And you know, somehow I thought you were older than you appear to be. :) {{User:ASDamick/sig}} 16:39, January 19Basically, 2006 (CST) == Menologion ==Joe, this is Aleks. I got you message recently. Can you elaborate vandalize in an e-mail on what exactly you're interested the French and a little in making? I think it would be great to have Menologion and OW work togetherRussian section, but I want to figure out the logistics first. == Hi ==Dear Joeunfortunately, Thanks (belatedly) for your welcome note!Best, [[User:Maxim|Maxim]] 12:39, June 28all my open proxies there are blocked, 2006 (CDT) == Your sig == therefore I've noticed that your sig isn't coming out quite right when you sign postshave come here. If you want to use the template approach, you'll need to check the "Raw signatures (without automatic link)" box in Against your preferences on the "User profile" tab. &mdash;[[User:ASDamick|<font color="blue"><b><i>Dcn. Andrew</i></b></font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <sup>[[Special:Randompage|<font color="blue">random</font>]]</sup> <sup>[[Special:Contributions/ASDamick|<font color="black">contribs</font>]]</sup> 15:23, August 10, 2006 (CDT) == IRC Channel still up? == Hi Joe, encyclopaedia I just checked up on the IRC channel and I received the following messages::ChanServ changed this room to require operator status to change the topic. (11:46AM)<br>[11:46AM] ChanServ made this room no longer a secret. (11:46AM) <br>[11:46AM] You were demoted from operator by ChanServ. (11:46AM) <br> Given my IRC inexperiencehave nothing, maybe this is nothing to worry about - just normalonly for, but I wanted to make sure our channel @my work@ is still up and running in good standing, not quashed due to inactivitythat. What is the freenode policy on this?  Thanks! — --[[User:FrJohnI am your new vandal|<b>FrJohn</b>I am your new vandal]] ([ talk]) 09:4902, May 26, 2007 (PDT) == Active appeal == There's currently an active appeal over at [[OrthodoxWiki talk:Administrators]]. If as an admin, you would like to participate, please feel free to do so. Thanks! &mdash;[[User:ASDamick|<font size="3.5" color="green" face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">Fr. Andrew</font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <small>[[Special:Contributions/ASDamick|<font color="black">contribs</font>]] <font face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">('''[[User:ASDamick/Wiki-philosophy|THINK!]]''')</font></small> 16:01, August 1931, 2008 2009 (UTC)