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Donatus Magnus

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'''Donatus Magnus''' was a Berber Christian and leader and [[bishop]] of a schismatic [[schism]]atic Christian group in North Africa during the first half of the fourth century. His name became identified with the schismatic group, the [[Donatism|Donatist]], and to its [[heresy]].
In 316, Donatus represented the schismatics when their dispute with Caecilian over the [[see]] of Carthage was presented before [[Constantine I]] in Milan. They did not recognize Caecilian as Bishop of Carthage.
He led the Donatists through a succession of [[council]]s including the [[Synod]] of [[Council of Arles of 314|Arles in 314]]. In August 347, he was exiled to Gaul by Emperor Constans I where he is believed to have died in 355.
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