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Daniel (Byantoro)

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Although ordained in the [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]], serious conflict arose among the ecclesiastical leadership in Indonesia in 2001, and Fr. Daniel returned to America for several years. In 2004 he began a dialogue with Archbishop (now Metropolitan) Hilarion of Australia, and in 2005 the Synod of ROCOR (the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) accepted him as a Priest, as well as the clergy and parishioners of the [[Orthodoxy in Indonesia|Indonesian Orthodox Church]] that were formerly under the jurisdiction of the [[Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia]] ([[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]]). Under Metropolitan Hilarion’s oversight, Fr. Daniel has been appointed Dean of the Mission for the Indonesian Orthodox Church under ROCOR, and continues to split his time between Indonesia, supervising the work of church planting, and evangelism, and raising up additional clergy for ordination, and the US, where he raises support for the Indonesian Orthodox Church.<ref>[ Fr. Daniel Byantoro: Biography], at Orthodox Speakers Bureau.</ref>
===Curriculum Vitae<ref>[ CURRICULUM VITAE of Archimandrite Father Daniel B.D. Byantoro], at Orthodox Speakers Bureau.</ref>===
<p>Archimandrite Father Daniel B. D. Byantoro</p>
<p>Address: P.O. Box 9484, Baltimore, MD 21228</p>
<p>Phone: 410-864-8007</p>
*2001 - 2005 '''Instructor: World Religions'''. Ohio State University.
*1990 – 1995 '''Guest Lecturer''', Theology & Church History. Trinity Theological Seminary, Singapore.
*1988 '''Ph.D. in Religion''', Bethany Theological Seminary, Dothan, Alabama.
*1987-88 '''Ph.D. Candidate''' (Comparative Studies, on Islamic Studies), Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
*1984-87 '''Master of Theological Studies''', [[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Cross School of Theology]], Boston, Massachusetts.
*1983-84 '''Study in Greece''': ([[Apostoliki Diakonia]]) Non-Degree.
*1978-83 '''Master of Divinity (Theology)''', Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission, Seoul, South Korea.
*2007 Elevated to Mitred Archimandrite by His Grace Archbishop (now Metropolitan) Hilarion
*1991 Founded Orthodox Church in Indonesia (“GOI” ''Gereja Orthodox Indonesia''), and achieved legal recognition of the Orthodox Church by the Government of Indonesia
*1988 Organized the first Orthodox Mission in Indonesia
*Jun 3, 1988 Ordained as an Orthodox Priest by His Grace Bishop (now Metropolitan) Maximos in Cleveland, Ohio
*Jan 16, 1988 Ordained as an Orthodox Deacon by His Grace Bishop (now Metropolitan) Maximos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*1985 Began evangelism in Indonesia as an Orthodox layman.
*Sep 6, 1983 Chrismated into the Orthodox Church, Seoul, South Korea by the then Archimandrite, and later Bishop (now Metropolitan) Soterios
*''Allah Tritunggal'' (The Holy Trinity)
*''Dogma Keselamatan dalam Gereja Orthodox'' (The Dogma of Salvation in the Orthodox Church)
*''Perjamuan Kudus'' (The Holy Communion)
*''Kontroversi Maria'' (Mariological Controversy)
*Translation into Indonesian of ''The Orthodox Church'' by Bishop Kallistos Ware
*Translation of most of the liturgical books now used by the Indonesian Orthodox for worship
*Several articles and short writings in Indonesian and foreign publications
*2007 Melbourne, Australia (Missions Center of Melbourne; Orthodox Youth Conference; Ordination Services)
*2007 Manilla, Philippines (National Council of Churches)
*2007 Thailand (Evangelical Association of Thailand)
*2007 Led Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
*2006 Malaysia (Preliminary Discussions on Orthodox Missions in Malaysia)
*2006 Myanmar (Presentation on the Early Church, sponsored by local Methodist Churches)
*2006 Led Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
*2006 Led Pilgrimage to Orthodox sites in Russia
*2005 Japan (Missions Conference with Korea Seminary Alumni)
*2004 South Korea (Asian Center for Theological Studies Alumni)
*2004 Toronto, Canada (Presentation on Missions in Indonesia sponsored by the Orthodox Churches of Toronto Area)
*2002 Malaysia (Invited by Charismatic Groups to talk about the Early Church)
*2002 Led Pilgrimage to Orthodox Sites in Russia
*2001 Greece (Doctors Without Borders Conference, Sponsored by the Diocese of Volos, Greece)
*2001 Egypt (Audience with Pope Shenouda)
*2001 Cyprus (Presentation on Missions, Sponsored by the Church of Aghia Napa)
*2001 India (Joint Conference on the Environment, attended by H.H. Bartholomew).
*2000 Malaysia (The Billy Graham Evangelism Conference)
*1999 World Council of Churches: Brazil, the Netherlands, France, England, Switzerland
*1997 Led pilgrimage to the Holy Land
*1996 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Faith and Order Conference of the WCC)
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