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Sunday of the Fathers

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The '''Sunday of the Fathers''' is the Sunday before the [[Nativity]] of the Lord (December 18-24). On this day the Church honors all those who were well-pleasing to [[God]] from all ages, from [[Adam]] to St [[Joseph the Betrothed]] of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]], those who are mentioned in the genealogy of [[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 3:23-38. The holy [[prophet]]s and prophetesses are also remembered on this day, especially the Prophet [[Prophet Daniel]] and the three holy. The previous Sunday, the [[Sunday of the Forefathers]], the Church commemorated all the righteous of the Old Testament who awaited the coming of Christ, this day remembers all those in the Old Testament who were related to Christ by blood and those who spoke of his [[Incarnation|birth as a man]]. This Sunday is part of the [[Forefeast]] of the Nativity, which strictly speaking begins on [[December 20]].