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Full title of Mary
:2. '''Immaculate'''
::The Orthodox Church calls Mary "immaculate," "pure," or "spotless" (''achrantos'' in Greek). Some Orthodox state that she was free from actual sin, some say she never sinned, and others just say she died sinless.
::As for [[Original Sin|original sin]] and the [[Roman Catholic]] doctrine of the [[Immaculate Conception]], the Orthodox Church has never made any formal and definitive pronouncement on the subject. The majority of Orthodox have rejected the doctrine, for it seems to separate Mary from the rest of mankind, putting her in a completely different class from all the other righteous men and women of the [[Old Testament]]. It is important that Mary was the same as all mankind so that all Christians can follow her example and submit to God's will. Mary was born a sinner, a human with full human nature. Mary’s Son, Jesus the Christ, took flesh from her. So as Son of God, He assumed fallen human nature from her and redeemed humanity by His Crucifixion and Resurrection. Also, the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception implies an understanding of original sin not held by the Orthodox Church.
:3. '''Most blessed and glorified Lady'''

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