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==Books on Orthodox Ethics==
{{stub}}*Stanley Harakas, ''Contemporary Moral Issues Facing the Orthodox Christian'' (1982) ISBN 978-0937032244*Stanley Harakas, ''For the Health of Body and Soul: An Eastern Orthodox Introduction to Bioethics'' (1983) ISBN 978-0916586423*Stanley Harakas, ''Let Mercy Abound: Social Concern in the Greek Orthodox Church'' (1994) ISBN 978-0916586614*Stanley Harakas, ''Living the Faith: The'' Praxis ''of Eastern Orthodox Ethics'' (1993) ISBN 978-0937032923*Stanley Harakas, ''Toward Transfigured Life: The'' Theoria ''of Eastern Orthodox Ethics'' (1983) ISBN 978-0937032282*Stanley Harakas, ''Wholeness of Faith and Life: Eastern Orthodox Ethics''. Vol. 1: Patristic Ethics ISBN 978-1885652263. Vol. 2: Church Life Ethics (2004) ISBN 978-1885652294. Vol. 3: Orthodox Social Ethics ISBN 978-1885652300*Christos Yannaras, The Freedom of Morality (1984). ISBN 0881410284
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