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Talk:Responses to OCA autocephaly

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Common Sense, or Anti-Greek Madness??
I don't agree with changing the scope of the article. The article just needs to be given a proper name, not rewritten. It's obvious that the article is about Greek Orthodox responses to OCA autocephaly; it's obvious that there is no more suitable collective title for these Churches than 'Greek Orthodox'; and therefore it's obvious that the title should be 'Greek Orthodox responses to OCA autocephaly'... Surely we can finally agree on that?? [[User:Seminarist|Seminarist]] 06:21, May 20, 2008 (UTC)
: I've not got a POV agenda! :)
: The irony of being accused of "Anti-Greek Madness" here is that while at seminary, I was accused of being a Hellenophile! I even recall my strident campaign in favor of ''Orthros'' here on OW over ''Matins'' (which I lost). I can't seem to win. :)
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