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Items of note
==Items of note==
*I have [[User:ASDamick/Wiki-philosophy|some ideas about what works best for OrthodoxWiki]].
<!-- *As of [[August 17]], 2006, at 4:40pm (EDT), I had '''[[User:ASDamick/counter.js|9,108 edits]]''' (not counting [[User:ByzBot|my bot]]) on OrthodoxWiki. (If you want to know your own or anyone else's edit count, read instructions [[User:ASDamick/Counter|here]].) As far as I can tell, I'm currently in the lead. I'm hoping I hit 10,000 first. (There's probably no prize, though.) -->
*I'm occasionally curmudgeonly, but don't usually mean to be. The other drawback is that my indexing system probably won't make sense to you. It makes total sense to me, though, I swear. I also can't help but think in complete sentences, which can actually be rather debilitating at times.
*If you think I'm following you around on OrthodoxWiki (i.e., you notice I'm adding edits to articles shortly after you do), it's mainly because I keep my eye on [[Special:Recentchanges]] and notice what's seeing action. I can't help putting my oar in, as my grandmother used to say.
*I'm very much prone to asking the question, "Do we really need an article on [X] on OrthodoxWiki?" Unless we have something original, useful and substantial to offer, my view is that the wiki should be kept as small as possible. Running a tight ship helps to ensure that we remain on course.
*I have over 11,000 edits on OrthodoxWiki.
*I like taking photographs, and you can see my work on OrthodoxWiki in the [[:Category:Damick Images|Damick Images category]].
*Although I am an administrator on OrthodoxWiki, I'm really more interested in working on content than in administrative stuff.
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