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Athanasius (disambiguation)

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The name ''''Athanasius'''' is from Gk. Αθανάσιος, "Athanásios", which is from ''athanatos'' which means "immortal". It usually refers to our father among the saints '''[[Athanasius of Alexandria]]''', bishop of Alexandria and major theological writer in the fourth century.
The name '''Athanasius''' is Gk. ''Athanasios'', from ''athanatos'' "immortal." There are several It may also refer to the following [[saints]] with this name
* Athanasius ο κομενταρήσιος ([[January 4]])
* '''[[Athanasius of Attalia]]''' the Martyr ([[January 7]]), Gr. Άτταλείας
* '''[[Athanasius the Martyr]] ''' ([[January 13]])
* '''[[Athanasius of Alexandria]]''' ([[January 18]]), also known as '''Athanasius the Great''' (translation of relics celebrated ([[May 2]])
*Athanasius the confessor ([[February 22]])
*'''[[Athanasius the Martyr]] ''' ([[March 9]])
*Athanasius, founder of Meteora monasteries ([[April 20]])
*[[Athanasius the Martyr]], from witchcraft ([[April 23]]), martyred from witchcraft.
*Athanasius, Bishop of Korinth ([[May 4]])
*Athanasius the New, Bishop of Chriotianoupoleos ([[May 17]])