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[[Image:Theophany.jpg|100px|The Baptism of Christ]]
</div>[[Afterfeast]] of the [[Theophany]] of Our Lord and Savior [[Jesus Christ]]; [[Saint]] [[Gregory of Nyssa|Gregory]], [[Bishop]] of Nyssa; Saint Dometian, Bishop of Melitene; Blessed [[Theosebia the Deaconess]], sister of Ss. [[Basil the Great]] and [[Gregory of Nyssa]]; Saint Marcian, [[presbyter]] of Constantinople; [[Venerable]] Paul, [[Abbot]] of Obnora (Vologda), and his [[disciple]] Saint Macarius, Abbot of Pisma [[Monastery]]; Saint Ammon, [[monk]]; Saint Macarius of the [[Kiev Caves]]; Saint [[Theophan the Recluse]], Bishop of Tambov (see also [[January 6]]); Saint Dermot, Abbot of Inchcleraun; Saint Saethryda, nun of Faremoutier-en-Brie. '''Other events:''' repose of Schema-[[hieromonk]] Antipas of [[Valaam Monastery|Valaam]]
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