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Philothei of Athens

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*Revoula is tonsured with the monastic [[Schema]] at the completion of the convent and received the name Philothei.
:The Saint became known for her mercy and sympathy.
*She had a martyric end.
*Mother Philothei was glorified as a saint by Patriarch Matthew II. In this procedure, she was called 'Righteous' only.
*Her precious relics are kept, to this day, at the Cathedral of Athens. The head of the saint is missing.
== Miracles of the Saint ==
== The second Convent founded by the Saint ==
St Philothei also founded another convent in the same area as the Church of St Andrew. This is located on Lefkosia Avenue in Patesia, Greece. Nowedays, the convent has been converted into a hospital for incurable diseases.
== The Saints Cave ==
In Athens, their is a suburb called "Philothei". Their is a church in this area bearing the name of the saint. Near it, their is a small but well preserved cave surviving were the holy mother would struggle alone when she would not remain at the monastery of Patesia.

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