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List of seminaries and theological schools

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Western Europe: Chambesy
*The Orthodox Patriarchal School "Archbishop of Cyprus [[Makarios III(Mouskos) of Cyprus|Makarios III]]" - Nairobi, Kenya; [[Archdiocese of Kenya]], in the [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]].
===South Africa===
*The Alexandrian Catechetical School of South Africa - 72 Saunders Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa; [[Archdiocese of South AfricaJohannesburg and Pretoria]], in the [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]].
*[ The Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute] - Berkeley, California
*[ St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology] - Elk Grove, California; [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America]].
*[ St. Sava's Serbian Orthodox Seminary] - Libertyville, Illinois
*[[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology]] - Brookline, Massachusetts; [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]].
*[http://www[ Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Bound Brook, New Jersey)|St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary]] - South Bound Brook, New Jersey
*[[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)|Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary]] - Crestwood, New York; [[Orthodox Church in America]]
*[[Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary]] - Jordanville, New York; [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]
====Distance Education====
*[ St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Theological Institute - Ecumenical Patriarchate]
*[ The Pavel Florensky School of Theology and Ministry] - An academic unit within the Euclid University Consortium. The Master's Degree in Orthodox Theology and Doctoral / Ph.D. programs are administered by a priest of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA]] (Patriarchate of Constantinople).
*[ The Pastoral School of the Diocese of Chicago and Detroit] Mid- [[America of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]]offers diplomas in Pastoral Theology and Orthodox Studies.
*[[St. Stephen's Course in Orthodox Theology]] - [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America]]
*[ St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary - D. Min. Degree]
*[ Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary] of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in Jordanville, NY, offers a four semester course of study leading to a Certificate in Theological Studies.
*[[Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College (Toronto, Ontario)]] - in the University of Toronto.
*[[St. Andrew's College (Winnipeg, Manitoba)|St. Andrew's College]] in Winnipeg, Manitoba - [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada]]
*[[Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy (Toronto, Ontario)|Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy]] - Toronto, Canada; [[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)]]
*[[St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris, France)|L'Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge]] (St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute) - Paris, France; [[Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe]]
*[[St. Denys Theological Institute (Paris, France)|L'Institut de Théologie Saint-Denys de Paris]] (St. Denys Theological Institute) - Paris, France; [[Orthodox Church of France|L'ECOF]]* Russian Theological Seminary [] - Paris, [[Russian Orthodox Church]]===Germany===* [ Ausbildungseinrichtung für Orthodoxe Theologie der Universität München] (Orthodox Theological Institute at University of Munich) - Munich, Germany===Switzerland===* [ L’Institut d’études supérieures en Théologie orthodoxe de Chambésy] (Institute of Post-Graduate Studies in Orthodox Theology) - Chambésy, Geneva, Switzerland; [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]]
==United Kingdom==
*[ Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies] - Cambridge, UK
==Eastern Europe and Russia==
*Albanian Seminary at Tirana University, Albania; [[Church of Albania]]*[ Holy Resurrection Seminaryof Christ Theological Academy] - Durres, Albania; [[Church of Albania]]
*[ Saint John of Rila Theological Seminary in Sofia] - Sofia Spiritual Seminary (email), Bulgaria; [[Church of Bulgaria]]*[http Faculty of Theology, Saint Kliment Ohridski, University of Sofia] - Sofia, Bulgaria; [[Church of Bulgaria]]*[http:/index/site.html Stseminaria. Kliment Ohridski Faculty org/ Saints Cyril and Methodius Theological Seminary in Plovdiv] - Plovdiv, Bulgaria; [[Church of Bulgaria]]*[ Saints Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Theological Academy] - Plovdiv, Bulgaria; [[Church of TheologyBulgaria]]*[http://logos.uni- Department of Theology, Saint Paisii Hilendarski University of SofiaPlovdiv] - Plovdiv, Bulgaria; [[Church of Bulgaria]]
=== Croatia ===
*[ Joensuu english?p_p_id=82&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&_82_struts_action=%2Flanguage%2Fview&languageId=en_US Universityof Eastern Finland, Department of Orthodox Theology], Joensuu, Finland; [[Church of Finland]]*[ The Orthodox Seminary], Joensuu, Finland; [[Church of Finland]]
====Distance Education====
*[ opetustarjonta?p_p_id=82&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_count=1&_82_struts_action=%2Flanguage%2Fview&_82_languageId=en_US The Open University of JoensuuEastern Finland] - [[Church of Finland]]
*[ Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki], Thessaloniki; [[Church of Greece]]
*[ Department of Theology, University of Athens], Athens; [[Church of Greece]]
*[ Department of Theological and Pastoral Studies, University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki], Thessaloniki; [[Church of Greece]]
=== Montenegro ===
*[ Babes-Bolyai University Faculty of Orthodox Theology] (in Romanian) - Cluj-Napoca, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]
After the fall of communism in 1989, the number of theological faculties and seminaries multiplied greatly in Romania, as theological education was (re)integrated in the public education system since 1991. =====Faculties===Russia==*[ "Justinian Marina" Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the University of Bucharest (in Romanian) - Bucharest, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ "Andrei Șaguna" Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the University of Sibiu (in Romanian) - Sibiu, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ "Babes-Bolyai" University Faculty of Orthodox Theology] (in Romanian) - Cluj-Napoca, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iași (in Romanian, with some information in English) - Iași, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the University of Craiova (in Romanian) - Craiova, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] *[ Faculty of Letters, History and Theology] at the West University in Timișoara (in Romanian) - Timișoara, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] *[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the "Ovidius" University in Constanța (in Romanian) - Constanța, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the University of Pitești (web page under construction) - Pitești, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] *[ Faculty of Orthodox Theology] at "Valahia" University, Târgoviște (in Romanian) - Târgoviște, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the University of Oradea (in Romanian) - Oradea, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] *[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the "Aurel Vlaicu" University in Arad (in Romanian) - Arad, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] *[ Orthodox Theology Faculty] at the "1 Decembrie 1918" University in Alba-Iulia (in Romanian, on the web page of the Alba-Iulia Archbishopric) - Alba-Iulia, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] ====Seminaries and theological high-schools==== The complete list is to be found [ here]. =====Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrogea=====*[Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow in Bucharest] (in Romanian) - Bucharest, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ St. Filofteia Orthodox Theology Seminary] (monastic seminary for female students) - "Pasărea" Monastery, Brănești, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*"Dyonisios Exiguus" Orthodox Theology Seminary - Constanța, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*St. John Cassian Orthodox Theology Seminary - Tulcea, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Theology Seminary] - Târgoviște, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*"Bishop Kesarios" Orthodox Theological AcademySeminary - Buzău, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] * St. Epiphanios Orthodox Theological Seminary - Rătești, Romania (a monastic seminary for female students) *"Patriarch Justin" Orthodox Theological Seminary -MoscowCâmpulung Muscel, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*[ "Neagoe Vodă" Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Curtea de Argeș, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ Apostle Andrew Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Galați, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]* Saint Petersburg John Chrysostom Orthodox Theological AcademySeminary - Slobozia, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] * St. Kalinikos of Cernica Orthodox Theological Seminary -Turnu Măgurele, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]* St. PetersburgJohn the Wallachian Orthodox Theological Seminary - Giurgiu, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]] =====Metropolitanate of Moldavia and Bukovina=====* [ St. Basil the Great Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Iași, Romania [[Church of Romania]]*[ St. George Orthodox Theological Seminary], older site [ here] - Botoșani, Romania [[Church of Romania]]*[ ro/ St. Tikhon John James of Hozeva Orthodox Theological InstituteSeminary] - Dorohoi, Romania [[Church of Romania]] *"Veniamin Costachi" Orthodox Theological Seminary - MoscowNeamț Monastery, Vânători, Romania[[Church of Romania]]*St. Paraskeva Orthodox Theological Seminary - Agapia Monastery, Agapia, Romania (for female students); [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*Pimen [ Sts. Emperors Constantine and Helena Orthodox InstituteTheological Seminary] - Piatra Neamț, Romania (in RussianRomanian); [[Church of Romania]]*"Metropolitan Dosoftei" Orthodox Theological Seminary - Suceava, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*St. PetersburgGeorge Orthodox Theological Seminary - Roman, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Theological Seminary - Huși, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] =====Metropolitanate of Transylvania=====*[ Belgorod ro/ "Dumitru Stăniloae" Orthodox Theological Seminary]- Brașov, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*Orthodox Theological Seminary -BelgorodFăgăraș, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]  =====Metropolitanate of Cluj, Alba, Crișana and Maramureș===== *Kaluga Orthodox Theological Seminary- Cluj-Napoca, KalugaRomania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]] *Kazan "Metropolitan Simion Ștefan" Orthodox Theological Seminary- Alba Iulia, KazanRomania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*Kolomna Orthodox Theological Seminary- Zalău, KolomnaRomania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*Kostroma "Bishop Roman Ciorogariu" Orthodox High-School - Oradea, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]* [ "St. Hierarch Joseph the Confessor" Orthodox Theological Seminary], Baia Mare,Kostroma Romanial [[Church of RussiaRomania]] *Kursk "Nicolae Steinhardt" Orthodox Theological Seminary- Satu Mare, Kursk Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]] =====Metropolitanate of Oltenia=====*[ Stavropol Gregory the Theologian Orthodox Theological Seminary] -SravropolCraiova, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]*Theological High-School - Târgu Jiu, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary], Târgoviște, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*[ St.ruNicholas Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Romania; [[Church of Romania]] =====Metropolitanate of Banat=====* "Carmen Sylva" Pedagogical High-School - Theology section - Timișoara, Romania (mixed); [[Church of Romania]]* [ Theological Seminary], - Arad, Romania; [[Church of Romania]]*St. Catherine Orthodox Theological Seminary - Prislop Monastery, Silvașu de Sus, Romania (monastic seminaryfor female students); [[Church of Romania]]*[ Smolensk htm#engleza "Ioan Popasu" Orthodox Theological Seminary] -SmolenskCaransebeș, Romania; [[Church of RussiaRomania]]
*Kyiv [[Kiev Theological Academy|Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy]], KyivKiev; [[Church of Russia]]*Odesa Orthodox Theological seminary, OdesaOdessa; [[Church of Russia]]*Pochaiv Pochayev Orthodox Theological Seminary, PochaivPochayev; [[Church of Russia]]*[ Poltava Orthodox Missionary School], Poltava; [[Church of Russia]] == Russia ==* Barnaul Theological College, Barnaul* Cheboksary Theological College, Cheboksary * Chelyabinsk Theological College, Chelyabinsk * [ Belgorod Theological Seminary], -Belgorod; [[Church of Russia]] * The Pastoral Preparatory Courses of thy Diocese of Izhevsk and Udmurtia, Izhevsk * Kaluga Theological Seminary, Kaluga; [[Church of Russia]] * [[Kazan Theological Academy|Kazan Theological Seminary]], Kazan []; [[Church of Russia]]* Khabarovsk Theological Seminary [] -Khabarovsk; [[Church of Russia]]* Kolomna Theological Seminary, Kolomna; [[Church of Russia]]* Kostroma Theological Seminary,Kostroma [[Church of Russia]] * Kursk Theological Seminary, Kursk [[Church of Russia]]* [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy and Seminary]] -Moscow; * Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary [], Nizhny Novgorod; [[Church of Russia]]* Nizhny Novgorod Female Diocese College, Nizhny Novgorod * Omsk Theological College, Omsk * The Pastoral Courses of the Diocese of Perm and Solikamsk, Perm* Pimen Orthodox Institute, (in Russian), St. Petersburg; [[Church of Russia]]* Pskov Theological College, Pskov* Ryazan Theological College, Ryazan * Saint Cyrill and Methodius Theological College, Novokuznetsk* [ Saint Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy] -St. Petersburg; [[Church of Russia]]* [ Saint Tikhon Orthodox Theological Institute] - Moscow; [[Church of Russia]]* Samara Theological Seminary, Samara* Saransk Theological College, Saransk * Saratov Theological Seminary, Saratov* [ Stavropol Theological Seminary] - Stavropol; [[Church of Russia]]* [ Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary] -Smolensk; [[Church of Russia]]* Syktyvkar Theological College, Syktyvkar * Tobolsk Theological Seminary, Tobolsk * Tomsk Theological Seminary, Tomsk* Vladimir Theological Seminary, Vladimir* Vladivostok Theological College, Vladivostok * Volgograd Theological College, Volgograd* Vologda Theological College, Vologda * Voronezh Theological Seminary, Voronezh * Vyatka Theological College, Kirov* Vyksa Theological College [], Vyksa * Yaroslavl Theological College, Yaroslavl* Yekaterinburg Theological College, Yekaterinburg
*[ Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Kottayam, Kerala, India [[Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church]].
*[ St.Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary] - Nagpur, India; [[Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church]].
*[ Orthodox Theologica Seminary] - Kottayam, Kerala, India [[Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church]].
*[ Saint Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Theological College] - Melbourne, Australia; [[Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia| Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions]]
*[ Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox Theological College] - Sydney, Australia; [[Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia|Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated Regions]]
*[ St. Athanasius the Apostolic Coptic Theological College], Stevenage, UK
* [ Institut für Koptisch-Orthodoxe Theologie] im Kloster Kröffelbach (Coptic Orthodox Theological Institute, Waldsolms-Kröffelbach, Germany
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