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Alexei II (Ridiger) of Moscow

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[[Image:alexeyII.jpg|frame|right|Patriarch Alexey II of Moscow and All Russia]]
His Holiness Patriarch '''Alexei II (Ridiger) of Moscow''' (born [[February 23]], 1929) is the current Patriarch of Moscow and the head of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]]. He was born as '''Alexey Mikhailovich Ridiger''' in Tallinn, Estonia, to the family of a [[priest]]. He graduated from Leningrad clerical seminary in 1949; was ordained [[deacon]] in 1950; graduated from Leningrad clerical academy in 1953. On [[August 14]], 1961, he was chosen to be the [[Bishop]] of Tallinn and Estonia. On [[June 23]], 1964, he was promoted to [[archbishop]]; and, on [[February 25]], 1968, at the age of 39 - to [[metropolitan]]. After the death of Patriarch Pimen I in 1990 Alexei was chosen to become the new head of Russian Orthodox Church.
Despite his age, Patriarch Alexei II is quite healthy and leads an active political life. He is frequently seen on Russian TV, meeting with politicians and expressing opinions that are usually in line with political opinions of the President of Russia.
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