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Apostle James (son of Alphaeus)

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[[Image:James Son of Alphaeus.JPG|frame|right|Apostle James (Son of Alphaeus)]]
The Holy '''Apostle James''' was the son of [[Apostle Alphaeus|Alphaeus]] and one of the [[Apostles#The_Twelve|twelve]]. He was the brother of the holy [[Apostle Matthew|Evangelist Matthew]]. The Church commemorates the Apostle James on [[October 9]] , and on [[June 30]] with the [[Synaxis]] of the Glorious and All-Praiseworthy Twelve Apostles of [[Christ]].
James heard the Lord's words and witnessed his miracles[[miracle]]s. After the [[Pentecost|Descent of the Holy Spirit]] the Apostle James, Alphaeus, and the [[Apostle Andrew]] the First-Called ([[November 30]]) made [[missionary]] journeys throughout Judea, Edessa, Gaza, and Eleutheropolis, proclaiming the [[Gospel]], healing all sorts of sickness and disease, and converting many to the path of [[salvation]]. St James finished his apostolic work in the Egyptian city of Ostrachina, where he was crucified by the pagans[[pagan]]s.
* [ Lives Apostle James the Son of Commemorated SaintsAlphaeus] from , October 9 ([[OCA]] Web site)
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*[ Icon of Apostle James]
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[[ar:يعقوب بن حلفى]]
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