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*[[Biretta]] - Roman form of cylindrical headcovering, has three 'wings' for ease of donning and doffing. Pom-pom on top.
*[[Cap]] - English form of headcovering, often called Catercap (short for Canterbury cap), close to the ancient pileus. Formed of four joined sections of material, generally square in shape, but soft and foldable. This is not authorized for usage in the Antiochean Western Rite Vicariate.
*[[Cassock]] - a long sleeved garment worn beneath vestments and/or over street clothes by men, both clergy and laity. The two most common styles are Roman/Latin with buttons up the front, and the Sarum or English which is double breasted.
*[[Hood]] - worn by those who have taken a degree as part of choir dress (for public prayers of the Hours) in English use.
*[[Tabard]] - a waistcoat without sides or sleeves, worn as part of the monastic habit.
*[[Tippet]] - a long scarf worn at choir office over hood and surplice. Those worn by a priest will be black and generally very wide. A special form worn by Readers will be thin and of a blue material. This is not authorized for usage in the Antiochean Western Rite Vicariate.*[[Surplice]] - loose over-garment of white linen, with a square yoke or gathered at the neck, with wide sleeves. Roman style will generally be shorter, often may be all lace or hemmed with wide bands of lace. Anglican or Anglicans also use the Old English style is without lace, much longer with very wide (pointed or rounded) sleeves.