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Talk:Orthodox Church of France

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I didn't see the new change indicating that ECOF was not recognised by the Orthodox Church. Excuse me, I am confused. Thanks to fr John. Fr Lev, I won't come back to that subject, precision added satisfy me.
Independently of the canonical problem, something is missing, I think, in the presentation of the ECOF and Western Rite, the role played by Bishop Jean 's brother, Maxime, who create adaptations in French of the slavonic tones (the first ever made, again in use in many parishes in France) and of the Gregorian tones (a polyphonic adaptation).
His work is always used, even outside ECOF, in Romanian Deanry in France for instance.
He also made a synthesis of the original melodies of psaltic, slavonic, gregorian ecclesiastical music. He made books with analysis of the place of the liturgical chant in Orthodoxy(based in part on the works of father Marcel Jousse.)Glikerie

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