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OrthodoxWiki usage of "Church"
My understanding is that it is not the practice of OrthodoxWiki to make the kind of judgments in its articles on the use of "Church" that Gilkerie is attempting. I am thinking of, for example, the article on the Church in Ukraine. Our article lists three different bodies as an Orthodox Church of/in Ukraine, in a situation where every one of the three considers the other two to be illegitimate. I respectfully suggest that the kind of polemics that Gilkerie wishes to engage in more properly belong in an Internet chat group such as the one where he has been railing against the Church of France for awhile. --[[User:Fr Lev|Fr Lev]] 11:46, June 9, 2007 (PDT)
== Precisions for fr Lev==
Fr, I've only produced a document. This document was accepted by Mgr Germain and his counsel, whatever the context was. You are right. Probably the name Church was allowed to ECOF by Romania. But it was forbidden then with this document. Do I judge ? Romania did. Canonical Orthodoxy in France did. I'am not telling it is right, or wrong, good or bad. IT IS, simply.
Why do I take time to write this point here ?
Just because, as you wrote again above, you are always writing that ECOF IS THE CHURCH OF FRANCE!
It's Ecof's and you're opinion. But the Orthodox Church (canonical, which you seem not to consider to be) DOES NOT CONSIDER ECOF AS A CHURCH, OR AS BEING CANONICAL.
That's why I wish to clarify facts and opinions:
1/ Orthodox Church does not consider ECOF as being part of it
2 ECOF considers itself as being a canonical Church.
Is it so unfair and polemical ? It is just truth.

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