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'''Texte gras'''ECOF
Fr, are you a member of ECOF ?
I don't want to polemicate with you.
But concerning divorce, Germain never produced the judgement, nor the new civil state of his "ex" wife. It would be prooves,no ? That's not the problem.
Germain always refused to go in Bucaresti for the trial. From 1991 to 1993...
The only romanian priest I know to have spent a time in France in ECOF, after 1993, had been himself deposed (not for this) and had left ECOF .
I don't want to hurt you in your faith or opinions. For you ECOF is canonical, and so on.
I just believe, regarding the situation in France,that is clear: every canonical diocese is represented by his Bishop in the AEOF, it is not fair to let people believe ECOF is an orthodox Church, canonical and autonom.
It is hiding the truth not to tell that ECOF is outside the Orthodox comunion.
Isn't it true ? With which Orthodox Church ECOF is in communion ?
Can a church exist with only one bishop, outside all form of synod, and canonical links with the Orthodox Church in all countries ? Orthodox canonical law permits this?
Why won't you then stand me to write ECOF is now a diocese of western rite, without links and communion with the Orthodox Church in France ? Is that polemical ?
Fr Lev., bless. I am from Romanian Orthodox Church, and I've been part of all these events with ECOF. I've all documents, and met all protagonists. All informations are true: you want more details ?
In France, you can ask every canonical jurisdiction about this. More, you can obtain informations from the Romanian Mitropolia.