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Macarius III of Alexandria (Coptic)

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{{cleanup}}His Holiness '''Macarius III''' was the [[Coptic Christianity|Coptic]] [[Patriarch of Alexandria|Pope ]] of Alexandria and Patriarch of the [[See ]] of St. [[Apostle Mark|Mark]] ([[1942]] [[1945]]).
Born on [[February 18]], 1872 in [[El-Mahalla El-Kubra]], [[Egypt]] died on [[August 31 ]], 1945 in [[Cairo]].
Before becoming a Pope he was the Metropolitan of [[AsyutMetropolitan]] of Assiut in [[Egypt]] , he . He is the second Bishop/Metropolitan to become a Pope in the history of the [[Coptic Orthodox Church]] and the . The first Bishop/Metropolitan to become a Pope was Pope [[Pope John XIX of Alexandria(Coptic)|John XIX]] <ref> History of the Coptic Church, [[Iris Habib Elmasry]] </ref>
Due to him accepting the Post there was a diagreement disagreement between him and [[Habib Elmasry]] , who was the secretary of the [[General Congregation Council]] (Elmagles Elmelly Ela'am) of the [[Coptic Orthodox Church]] at some stage. Mr . Elmasry was the father of the Coptic historian [[Iris Habib Elmasry]] and she documented these incedents in her book about the history of the Coptic Church.<ref> History of the Coptic Church, [[Iris Habib Elmasry]]</ref>
During his papacey he did not ordinate consecrate any Bishops [[bishop]]s or Metropolitans [[metropolitan]]s and this was taken as a symbol of his regret to have having become a Pope despite being a Metropolitan beforehand.<ref> History of the Coptic Church, [[Iris Habib Elmasry]]</ref>
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