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In March 1945, the People's Republic of Macedonia was created as one of republics of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, governed by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. In Skopje, a Resolution to create the Macedonian Orthodox Church was submitted to the Serbian patriarchate which had since 1919 exercised sole jurisdiction in the area. This resolution was rejected, but a later one, submitted in 1958, proposing the Ohrid Archdiocese of Saint [[Clement of Ohrid|Clement]] as a Macedonian Orthodox Church was accepted ([[June 17]], 1959) under strong pressure from the Communist authorities. Dositheus Dositej Stojković auxilary bishop of Serbian patriarch left Belgrade and was appointed proclaimed the first [[archbishop]]Metropolitan of Skoplje. The Macedonian In order to prevent schism Holy Assembly of Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church at that time only held autonomous status, but during granted Autonomy to three Dioceses in Macedonia. An Macedonian was consecrated bishop. But two of them soon consecrated new bishop who was without nide qalifications. Soon Macedonians started to orgnised churches in dyaspora without aproval of Patriarch and bishops who wer responsable for dioceses in dyaspora. During the so called Third Clergy and Laity Assembly on [[July 19]], 1967, in Ohrid, the Macedonian Orthodox Church was proclaimed as autocephalous with strong public support.
Since the breakup of Yugoslavia and the end of Communist repression of the Church, the Serbian patriarchate has been in conflict with the Macedonian Orthodox Church, which has yet to gain recognition from the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] or any other autocephalous church. The issue of dispute is the allegedly anti-[[canonical]] method used to gain autocephaly, the issue of the Serbian Orthodox minority (at least some 40,000 strong) and the question of some hundreds of Serbian Orthodox [[shrine]]s from the medieval Nemanjić period. It is also presumed that the name ''Macedonian'' is a matter of dispute regarding the [[Church of Greece]].
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