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St. Catherine's, Sinai and the Burning Bush?
Always Glory to God. God Bless you and thank you for your help!
::Seeing as no one has responded yet, let me take a few stabs at this. 1. We have it on the authority of oral tradition. I'm not sure how to prove this scientifically. 2. I've heard some talk about the kind of tree (bush) before - I would check a good, Western-style Bible commentary here. 3. Our OrthodoxWiki article on St. Catherine's is at [[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)]]. You can explore the links from there, or try Google. Hope that helps! [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
::P.S. I'm going to leave this in "unanswered questions for a little while to see if anyone else wants to fill in some of the gaps.
=== St. Chrysostomos' homily on the Finding of the Cross ===
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