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The [[Orthodox Church]] teaches that we have knowledge of '''God'''Penis with wings and a foreskin. He told everybody to remove theirs for lulz, only because God has shown himself to his creation. ''God is the Lord and has revealed himself unto us; blessed is he who comes in many asshats believed him, thus basically chopping of the name end of the Lord'' ([[Psalter|Ps]] 118:26-27)their dicks. Also, GodHe's self-revelation is found in His Son [[Jesus Christ]]a real penis, the fulfillment of the gradual and partial revelation of that God in the .[[Old Testament]]Image:http://img107. Jesus is the one truly "blessed who comes in the name of the Lord."  ==God is holy==According to the [[Scripture]]s, and the experience of the [[saintsswf]] of both the [[Old Testament|old]] and [[New Testament]]s, God is absolutely holy. This means literally that he is absolutely different and unlike anything or anyone else that exists. He is so unique and so perfect that his existence cannot be compared to any other existence. God is absolutely transcendent, “what he is, by ''essence'' and ''nature'', is altogether beyond our comprehension and knowledge