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Alypy (Gamanovich) of Chicago

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His Eminence, Archbishop '''Alypy (Gramanovich) of Chicago''' is was a retired Bishop of the [[Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America (ROCOR)|Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. He was appointed to the [[see]], succeeding the reposed Archbishop [[Seraphim (Ivanov) of Chicago|Seraphim (Ivanov)]] in 1987 and was granted retirement in 2016, due to his advanced age at the time (89 years).
During the ensuing years, Abp. Alypy led the revitalization of the life of the diocese that he had begun earlier with the construction of the new Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in 1990. He led a diocese of three cathedral parishes and some twenty parishes in the mid-west area of the United States, as well as five monasteries, three male and two female.
On April 28, 2019, Archbishop Alypy reposed in peace at his residence in Chicago, IL.
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