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List of autocephalous and autonomous churches

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[[Image:World canonical territories.png|right|thumb|600px|Map of the canonical territories of autocephalous and autonomous Orthodox jurisdictions ("churches"). Where a certain territory is disputed (either between two different churches or one church claims it as its territory while others consider it part of the diaspora), it is shown shaded. Click image to magnify.]]
[[Image:Europe canonical territories.png|right|thumb|200px|The European section of the above map, in closer detail. Click image to magnify.]]
The '''[[autocephaly|autocephalous]] and [[autonomy|autonomous]] Orthodox churches''' are those churches (i.e. [[jurisdiction]]s) which have self-government. These jurisdictions are united in doctrine and worship, they recognize each other as canonical, they are in [[full communion]], and together they constitute ''the Orthodox Church''. The use of the term "churches" to refer to the various jurisdictions is informal; strictly speaking, they are just parts of the One Church, the Orthodox Church.