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'''Feasts''': The [[Circumcision of our Lord|Circumcision in the flesh of our Lord]] [[Jesus|Jesus Christ]]; '''Saints''': Martyr Theodotus, by the sword; Martyr Basil of Ancyra (362); Saint Gregory of Nazianzus the Elder, bishop and father of Saint [[Gregory the Theologian]] (374); Saint [[Emily|Emilia]], (mother of Sts. [[Basil the Great]], [[Macrina the Younger]] ([[July 19]]), [[Gregory of Nyssa]] ([[January 10]]), Naucratius ([[June 8]]), Peter of Sebaste ([[January 9]]), and Theosebia the Deaconess ([[January 10]])) (375); Saint [[Basil the Great]], Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia (379); Saint Theodosius of Tryglia, Abbot; Hieromartyr Concordius of Spoleto (ca. 175); Thirty soldier-martyrs in Rome, under Diocletian (ca.304); Martyr [[Telemachus|Telemachos]] (Almachius), killed by gladiators in the Roman amphitheatre (404); Saint Basil, Bishop of Aix en Provence (ca. 475); Saint Eugendus, fourth Abbot of [[w:Condat Abbey|Condat Abbey]] in the Jura Mountains (510); Saint Fanchea of Killeany (Fanchea of Rossory), sister of St Enda of Aran (ca. 520); Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe, Bishop of Ruspe in North Africa (533); Saint Justin of Chieti, bishop of Chieti, Italy (ca. 540); Saint Felix of Bourges, Bishop of Bourges (ca. 580); Saint Connat (Comnatan), Abbess of Kildare Abbey in Ireland (ca. 590); Saint Maelrhys, a saint on Bardsey Island in Wales (6th c.); Saint Clarus, Abbot of St. Marcellus Monastery in Vienne, Gaul (ca. 660); Saint Cúan (Mochua, Moncan), Irish abbot, founder of many churches and monasteries in Ireland, (752); Saint Peter of Atroa(''Peter the Standard-Bearer''), Abbot, opponent of [[iconoclasm ]] (837) (see also [[January 3 - East''); Saint William of Dijon (William of Volpiano), Italian monastic reformer and architect (1031); Saint [[Peter Mogila]], Metropolitan of Kyiv, Halych and all Rus’, Archimandrite of the [[Kiev Caves|Kyivan Caves Lavra]] (1646) (''see also [[December 31]]''); New Martyr Peter of Tripolis in the Peloponnesus, at Temisi in Asia Minor (1776); Saint Athanasius (Volkhovsky), Bishop of Mohyliv, Wonderworker of Poltava (1801); New Hieromartyr Jeremiah (1918); New Hieromartyrs Platon (Kulbush), Bishop of Tallinn (Revel), Estonia, and with him Protopresbyters Michael (Blaive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) (1919); New Hieromartyrs Alexander (Trapitsyn), Archbishop of Samara, and with him priests: John (Smirnov), Alexander (Ivanov), Alexander (Organov), John (Suldin), Trophimus (Miachin), Viacheslav, Basil and James (1938).
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