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Theodore II (Sobhi Baki Soleiman) of Alexandria

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Early life
==Early life==
Pope Theodore was born Wagih Sobhi Baki Soleiman (in Arabic: وجيه صبحى باقى سليمان) on 4 November 1952 in the region of Mansoura, Egypt.<ref name="Le Parisien"/> He studied at the [[University of Alexandria]], where he received a degree in [[pharmacy]] in 1975.<ref name="EI">{{cite web | url= | title=Tawadros II: The 118th pope of the Coptic Church | publisher=Egypt Independent | date=4 November 2012| accessdate=5 November 2012| archiveurl=|archivedate=5 November 2012|deadurl=no}}</ref> He then managed a state-owned pharmaceutical factory, when he entered the monastery of [[St. Pishoy]] in [[Wadi El-Natrun]] to study [[theology]] for two years. He was ordained a priest in 1989.<ref name="ap">{{cite news|title=Egypt's Copts choose new pope for uncertain times|url=|accessdate=4 November 2012|newspaper=The Associated Press|date=4 November 2012}}</ref>
==Views and issues==