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Eustathius of Kunnamkulam

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Life in India
At the time of his arrival in Cochin with Metropolitan Mor Athanasius in 1881 Deacon Sleeba was only 27-years old. The two immediately began preaching the Apostolic Faith in Kerala, strengthening the Orthodox in their faith and sharing the Gospel with the non-Orthodox. In 1889 the two were able to move to the 'Old Seminary' in Kottayam following its return to the Malankara Orthodox Church from the Anglican missionaries and their [[disciple]]s who had taken control of it. After this Metropolitan Mor Athanasius and St. Eustathius were able to begin educating seminarians in Kottayam, training them in the customs and practices of the Church of Antioch and teaching theology.
On [[June 11]], 1889 Metropolitan Mor Athanasius unexpectedly fell asleep in the Lord, leaving Eustathius alone in Kerala. After a time of mourning, however, Eustathius returned to preaching the Gospel throughout Kerala and became well known throughout the region for his sermons and also for his charity (he would often go without food so that he could give the money he saved to the poor). It was during this time that Eustathius also became closer to Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala, who was later [[glorification|glorified]] as St. [[Parumala|Gregory of Parumala]] and is popularly known in Kerala as Parumala Thirumeni.
In 1895, Gregory of Parumala led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, taking the then Deacon Sleeba with him as a guide. The two remained close until Gregory's repose on [[November 2]], 1902, which saddened Eustathius as much as the death of Metropolitan Mor Athanasius Shem'un. Eustathius served at St. Gregory's funeral in Parumala.

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