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'''Halloween''', in the United States, is a day observed by non-Orthodox Christians in various manners. The day, [[October 31]], is the eve of the day of remembrance of All Saints by Western Christians, particularly Roman Catholics. Orthodox Christians observe this day on the Saturday after Pentecost. While having a Christian origin, the ''All Hallows' Eve'', (from the medieval English festival of the ''All Hallows'') has become in the modern era a secular observance said by some to be based upon the [[Paganism|pagan]] observances of the ancient Druidic Celts.
Modern day Halloween was established as a civil festival in the United States in 1921 when the city of Anoka, Minnesota made it an official civic event. Protestant Evangelicals sometimes attack some of the Hallowe'en customs as "satanic", "druidic", "demonic" or "occult". These (largely inaccurate) characterizations arize mostly from the hostility of their Puritan forebears to the veneration of saints.

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