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Diocese of Kazan

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On [[December 11]], 1988, Archimandrite Anastasy (Metkin), [[rector]] of St. Nicholas Cathedral, was consecrated bishop in the Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow to fill the [[cathedra]] of the Diocese of Kazan. In 1989, the Cathedral of the Apostles [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]] was returned to the diocese, the start of a stream of churches that gradually were returned to the Kazan diocese over the following years. In succession, the [[Raifa Monastery of the Mother of God|Raifa Monastery]] was returned in 1991, St. Barbara’s and St. Sophia Churches were returned in 1994. In 1996, Makaryev Monastery (of St. Makaius Zheltovodsky) and the Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God led the return of many churches and monasteries that year.
The Diocese of Kazan, in more recent years, has opened some 176 active parishes, divided into 22 deaneries. The diocese has been restoring six male and two female monasteries. In 2005, 25 deacons and 22 priests have been [[ordination|ordained]]. In September 1997, the Kazan Theological School was re-organized as the [[Kazan Theological Academy|Kazan Theological Seminary]], and church schools have been steadily opened in many of the parishes.
The 450th anniversary of the founding of the Kazan cathedra was held in 2005.

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