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Prayer book

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Prayer books available in English
*''Prayer Book in Accordance with the Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church'', published by [ All Saints of Alaska Orthodox Church], an OCA parish in Victoria, British Columbia, contains modified morning and evening prayers derived from the Russian tradition, along with various troparia and kontakia, preparation prayers for Holy Communion and Confession, akathists to Our Lord and the Theotokos, occassional prayers, and third/sixth hours and typika service for when one is absent from the Divine Liturgy. It also contains almost a hundred pages of quotes from the Holy Fathers on prayer. The translation is a mix of old and contemporary English.
*''Orthodox Daily Prayers'', second edition, by [ St. Tikhon's Seminary Press] is a revised version of their original prayer book published in 1982. It contains Morning Prayers and Prayers Before Sleep, prayers during the day, commemoration of the living and the dead, small compline, canons to our Guardian Angel, the Theotokos, of repentance, and of preparation for Holy Communion, as well as prayers before and after Communion. All arrangements follow the traditional Russian usage, and the translation used is the "Revised Liturgical English" used in most recent liturgical publications of St. Tikhon's Press. In 2012, a hardcover reprint of the original 1982 edition of Orthodox Daily Prayers was released by STS.
* The ''Prayer Book'', third edition, of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA]] is a bilingual Ukrainian/modern English prayerbook comparable in scope to Holy Trinity Monastery's edition; contains morning, daytime and evening prayers, prayers and preparations for Confession and Holy Communion, the services of Great Vespers and Matins, the Divine Liturgy with prayers following communion, hymns from the Great Feasts, plus supplementary material for litia, molebens, and more. Hardbound with three sewn-in ribbons, it is available at [ St. Andrew Bookstore], South Bound Brook, New Jersey.

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