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Nine Maidens

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The Nine Maidens lived in the Glen of Ogilvy at Glamis, in the Vale of Stratchmore, with their parents. When their mother died, their newly widowed father, St. Donald, arranged for the household to function as a [[hermit]]age. St. Donald became as the elder, and they all together began a rigourous life of working the ground with their own hands and only eating once a day, allowing for themselves only barley bread and water.
At the repose of St. Donald, King Garnard of the Picts granted them lodging and an [[oratory]] in a [[monastery]] founded by Ss. [[Darlugdach]] and [[Brigid of Kildaire|Brigid]] in the Pictish capital of Abernathy. King Eugen VII of Scotland made frequent visits to them, presenting them with large gifts. At their repose, they were buried at the foot of a large oak; a [[shrine ]] there was erected, known as the Abernathy Allon-bacuth. Until the [[Anglican Communion|Anglican]] Reformation, it was a much-frequented site of pilgrimage.

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