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{{September 2}}
{{September 2}}
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The Holy Trinity

Martyr Mamas of Caesarea in Cappadocia, with his parents Martyrs Theodotus and Rufina; Saint John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople; 3628 Martyrs of Nicomedia; Venerable Anthony and Theodosius, Founders of Monasticism in Rus' of the Kiev Caves; Martyrs Diomedes, Julian, Philip, Eutykhian, Hesychios, Leonides, Eutychios, Philadelphos, Melanippos, Parthagapa and Theodore; Righteous Eleazar, son of Aaron; Righteous Phineas, grandson of Aaron; Martyrs Aeithalas and Ammon of Thrace; Antonii and Feodosii of Pechersk; celebration of the Icon of the Theotokos at Kaluga