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[[Category: Liturgics]]
[[Category: Liturgics]]
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[[Category: Vestments]]

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Savanon, also sratchitza, is a white linen garment worn by the bishop during the washing of the altar table during the consecration of a church. It is also a burial shroud that cover the casket of a deceased believer during the services for the departed.

During the service for a consecration of a church, the celebrant bishop is vested in the savanon over his vestments prior to the washing/baptism of the altar table. As the consecration service concludes the bishop removes the savanon that he wore and may offer it to be cut up into small pieces that are given to each person attending the service.

Also, after the body of a deceased believer has been placed in the casket a savanon/burial shroud, bearing a depiction of the Burial of Christ, is used to cover it.