Photius the Great

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St. Photius the Great

Our father among the saints Photius the Great (also Photios, in Greek Φωτιoς), Patriarch of Constantinople, is considered one of the greatest patriarchs of Constantinople. His feast day is celebrated on February 6.

St. Photius was condemned as patriarch by the Robber Council of 869-870, but the Eighth Ecumenical Council (879-880) affirmed his restoration to his see. Although he was accused of causing the "Photian" Schism, he was recognized as a major peace-maker of that time. He reconciled with Patriarch Ignatius, who named him as his successor (for a second time) upon Ignatius' death in 877.

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Succession box:
Photius the Great
Preceded by:
Ignatius I
Patriarch of Constantinople
858 – 861
Succeeded by:
Ignatius I
Preceded by:
Ignatius I
Patriarch of Constantinople
878 – 886
Succeeded by:
Stephen I
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Troparion (Tone 4) [1]

Follower of the Apostles' way
And teacher of mankind:
Intercede, O Photius, with the Lord of all,
To grant peace to the world
And to our souls great mercy!

Kontakion (Tone 8) [2]

Far-reaching beacon of the Church and God,
inspired Guide of the Orthodox,
you are now crowned with the flowers of song.
You are the divine words of the Spirit's harp,
the strong adversary of heresy and to whom we cry,
"Hail, all-honorable Photius."

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