Philetairos of Nicomedia

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Saint Philetairos of Nicomedia lived during the reign of Diocletian (286) and was distinguished for his status and extreme beauty. He was young and the son of an eparch called Tatianos. Despite these gifts he was a humble man who did not become side-tracked by his position or his youth and looks but focused on how to be a more God-pleasing man. He w

He was persecuted by Maximian but escaped and went to Nikaia where he also confessed his faith. Here, however, his words and his actions made an impression on his guards and he converted many people to the faith. The outcome was for him to be released once again and sent him to Midia.

In Midia, he found a mount near the area of Sigrianis where he met a holy person called Euvioto. They spent the rest of their days living an ascetical hermit life and reposed in peace. He is commemorated by the church December 30.