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Paul Evdokimov (1901-1970) was a Russian and French theologian, professor of theology at St. Sergius Institute in Paris, and an invited observer to the Second Vatican Council.


Paul Evdokimov was born in St Petersburg on August 2, 1901, the son of an army officer. After serving in the calvalry, he began theological studies prior to the Revolution. Following the Revolution, he and his family escaped and settled in Paris circa 1923. Evdokimov continued his theological studies at St. Sergius Institute, studying with Fr. Sergius Bulgakov and Nikolai Berdyaev. He married Natasha Brunel in 1927.

During WWII, Evdokimov worked with the French Resistance. After the war, his wife Natasha died from cancer. In 1954, he married Tomoko Sakai.

He reposed in Meudon, France, on September 16, 1970.


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