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Sister Patapia
nun Patapia
nun Patapia
nun Patapia

Sister Patapia is a nun at the Greek nunnery of Saint Patapios at the mountain Geraneia, in Loutraki, Greece. There she was named mother superior from 1963 until 1970 when she resigned because of health problems. She helped enormously at the creation of the monastery. She has also experienced many miracles from SaintPatapius of Thebes


She was born in Corinth, Greece in 1931 and on the age of 21 she decided to become a nun at the Saint Patapios monastery that in that time had only a couple of nuns and 2 - 3 small cell - rooms. Nun Patapia helped very much at the creation of the nunnery that was established in 1952 by father Nektarios Marmarinos, a priest from Corinth. The first mother superior was sister Siglitiki. In the first years the monastery was poor, without road access, neither water supply. The nuns transferred water with a donkey from a spring that was some miles distance. Nun Patapia straggled to build the nunnery. She gave faith to the rest nuns and finally the monastery thrived and today is very famous. It has 40 nuns and its access is easy from Loutraki via a modern road. Nun Patapia also experienced many miracles of Saint Patapios, including the donation of money, food and supplies the time the monastery was poor and there weren’t enough money to build it. Also nun Patapia's health is a miracle its self. She suffered many severe health problems, but today she is alive and serves the rest nuns and the people who come and visit the monastery.


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