Panagiotes N. Trembelas

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Panagiotes N. Trembelas was a noted twentieth century Greek theologian and professor with the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens.

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Panagiotes was born in 1886. He was a supporter of the Brotherhood of Theologians Zoe that endeavored to revitalize the Church of Greece during the period of the early twentieth century when many parts of Greece were regaining their independence from the Ottoman Turks. In 1960, he broke with the Zoe Brotherhood for its having deviated away from the principles originally outlined by its founder Fr. Eusebios and founded the Soter Brotherhood in 1963.

Prof. Trembelas is most remembered for the answer given by Fr. John S. Romanides after Prof. Trembelas directed Fr. Romamides to delete the citations to writings of Symeon the New Theologian during Fr. Romamides' 1950s defense of his dissertation on Ancestral Sin as Symeon had never received a theological degree. In his response, Fr. Romamides asked if he should also delete all his references to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, as they also never received a theological degree.

Doctor Trembelas reposed in 1977.


The Principles and the Character of Christian Worship, Athens, 1932.