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===Current Hierarchs===
===Current hierarchs===
*[[Emmanuel (Adamakis) of France]]
* [[Emmanuel (Adamakis) of France]]
*[[Gabriel (de Vylder) of Komana]]
* [[Gabriel (de Vylder) of Komana]]
*[[Luka (Kovacevic) of France and Western Europe]]
* [[Luka (Kovacevic) of France and Western Europe]]
*[[Joseph (Pop) of Western and Meridional Europe]]
* [[Joseph (Pop) Metropolitain of Western and Meridional Europe]]
*[[Silouane (Span) of Marseilles]]
* [[Silouane (Span) of Marseilles]]
*[[Marc (Alric) of Neamt]]
* [[Marc (Alric) of Neamt]]
*[[Innocent (Vassiliev) of Korsoun]]
* [[Innocent (Vassiliev) of Korsoun]]
===Other major figures===
===Other major figures===

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This article seeks to be a clearinghouse of information and links regarding the history and state of Orthodox Christianity in France.



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