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The '''Pan-Orthodox Society for the Advancement of Liturgical Music''', or '''PSALM''', is an international grassroots organization of Orthodox Christian musicians from various [[diocese]]s and [[jurisdiction]]s, formed for the purpose of sharing resources and information, primarily in the English language. Its scope has broadened, since its founding in 1999, to develop resources and programs that will support various music departments.
The organization hosts a growing Liturgical Music Resource database on its official web site, and moderates an active online discussion group via YahooGroups.
== Advisory council ==
* His Grace, the Right Reverend Job (Osacky)
* His Grace, the Right Reverend Benjamin (Peterson)
* His Grace, the Right Reverend Seraphim (Storheim)
* Fr. Elias Bitar
* David Drillock
* Helen Breslich Erickson
* Fr. Theodore Heckman
* Peter Jermihov
* Fr. George Johnson
* Marina Ledkovsky
* Alexander Lingas
* Fr. Lawrence Margitich
* Fr. Stephen Meholick
* Paul Meyendorff
* Ivan Moody
* Walter G. Obleschuk
* Heiromonk Jonah (Paffhousen)
* Nikola Resanovic
* Nicolas Schidlovsky
* Fr. John Shimchick
* Jessica Suchy-Pilalis
== External links ==
*[http://www.orthodoxpsalm.org Orthodox PSALM Official Site]
*[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OrthodoxPSALM Orthodox PSALM Yahoo Discussion Group]
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