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That's great that you got permission for the icons!


Yeah, I'm pretty happy about it, too. I've also written to Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston, but I haven't heard from them yet. --Rdr. Andrew

The BBC website at http://news.bbc.co.uk is reporting that Patriarch Eirenaios has been deposed in a letter signed by thirteen bishops. This apparently has to do with selling some property in the Old City of Jerusalem to a Jewish organization. Perhaps mention could be made on the news page and on the page for the Church of Jerusalem. Tks, Ed Eddieuny 22:10 UTC 5 May 2005

Hi Ed, I just read that story too. I think we shouldn't try to reflect every news update that comes - that's a losing game! We can certainly reflect the events in the article once the dust settles and everything becomes history though. Thanks, Fr. John

Mesg for Webmaster: User account creation bug

When I made an account just now, I got this at the top:

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You may delete this message after you've seen it.


--JohnK 17:02, October 29, 2006 (CST)