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This Suggestions page is for requests for new articles (requests for help with in-progress articles should be posted on OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted). You can post new suggestions here or click on the current ones and begin the work.

If you're stumped for ideas, take a look at Relevant Wikipedia Articles and the Special:Wantedpages list.

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Suggestion for a 'Latest Church news' feature on OrthodoxWiki homepage

The items under this rubric would be link to relevant entries in OrthodoxWiki, for example:

  • a news item about the new primate of the Malankara Church [1] would be linked to OrthodoxWiki page about that Church (if any exists),
  • [2] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about Church of Cyprus and Bartholomew I
  • [3] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about Church of Jerusalem and Theophilus III, etc.

Update frequency: ideally daily, but perhaps every 2-3 days or weekly to reduce the burden of editing/updating it Possible sources: official Church pages, Christian newsagencies, and news aggregators like http://news.google.com (search using suitable keywords)