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This is the OrthodoxWiki Style Guide. Refer to it when writing new articles. It is currently tentative and therefore still under development.


When creating articles about bishops, refer to them with the following style: Firstname I (Lastname) of See, so if there is a bishop named Moses Jones who is the fifth bishop named Moses of the city of Springfield, the name of the article would be: Moses V (Jones) of Springfield.

Exceptions would be saints who are generally known by other names. For instance, instead of having an article named John I (Chrysostom) of Constantinople, we simply have John Chrysostom. Or instead of Cyril I of Alexandria, we have Cyril of Alexandria.

Also be sure to include the bishop in Category:Bishops.

A potential problem with this naming style is that a bishop may be transferred to another see, thus requiring the moving of the article to incorporate the new name. This wouldn't happen often, however, and having the move might well be helpful if searchers are looking for the bishop under his old title. Comments?