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Comments about OrthodoxWiki: Endorsements and Criticisms

An Orthodox what?!

For those of you familiar with Wikipedia, this is an Orthodox Christian project based on those lines. It's still very much in the early developmental stages, but there's lots that may be accomplished, and of course the potential is immense. (And of course because of the open-licensed nature of Wikipedia, you can feel free to lift material about Orthodoxy from there as a starting point.) I believe the site is run by an OCA priest in the Diocese of the Midwest.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this medium, a Wiki (as it usually gets implemented) is an encyclopedic-style resource maintained as a website which is editable by anyone. OrthodoxWiki has the potential to be a massive compendium of information about Orthodoxy, whether historical, liturgical, artistic, ecclesiastical, biographical, etc.

So, if you care to, check the site out, click around, explore, and contribute. And please pass the word along to your friends. - User:ASDamick

A New Place to Play

Like Wikipedia, OrthodoxWiki is a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to (either by writing new articles or editing existing ones). In the case of OrthodoxWiki, the content is specifically oriented towards Orthodox Christianity. It was started in November, so it is still in the "ground floor" stage of development.

I've fallen in love with this new resource because it appeals to a number of my proclivities--writing, editing, theology, organizing, and technology. Until the Christmas Break ends and I must return to school, I think this will be one of my major diversions. Check it out! - User:DcnMatthew

Off-site Discussion (i.e. Reverse Links