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'''Anything Goes:'''  The name says it all.
#redirect [[OrthdoxWiki:Trapeza]]
== Frappr! map ==
Add your [[parish]] to the Frappr! map. No individuals please, only parishes.
*Go to the [http://www.frappr.com/orthodoxchurch group page]
*Click on [http://www.frappr.com/orthodoxchurch#addyourself Add Yourself]
*Under Name, type your parish name and jurisdiction, e.g. St. John The Baptist Church (GOARCH)
*Under Zipcode, type your parish zipcode (where the parish is located)
*Uncheck the "Create a Free Frappr Account for me." You don't need this.
==Seeking Eastern Orthodox unity in America==
Nice article:
== Coptic Christians celebrate the New Year on Sept. 11. ==
07:16 PM CDT on Friday, September 9, 2005
* http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/copticchristians.htm
Many mark the day by attending church services in the morning and enjoying special foods. Mark the day yourself by visiting this site to learn more about this ancient branch of Christianity.
"Coptic" refers to the Egyptian Christian church.
Christians represent 13 to 15 percent of Egypt's population; Copts also worship at hundreds of Coptic churches throughout the world.
This site's historic overview tells how the Coptic church traces its existence to the Holy Family's visit to Egypt, as recounted in the book of Matthew. St. Mark founded the church during the first century, preaching until his martyrdom in Alexandria around the time that Nero ruled Rome.
A few interesting tidbits: The Coptic church is credited with creating the first Christian monasteries, an Egyptian tradition with pre-Christian origins. The Coptic Orthodox Church's clergy is headed by Pope Shenouda III, the Pope of Alexandria.
Typical Sunday worship for Coptic churches starts at 6 or 6:30 a.m. and lasts from four to six hours. And you thought Baptist preachers were long-winded.
Mary A. Jacobs (Dallas Morning News  News for Dallas, Texas  Religion)
==You know this is a good idea when...==
...you revisit work you did on OrthodoxWiki to help you with your seminary homework.
[[User:ASDamick|Rdr. Andrew]]
...you put up a page on Orthodoxwiki so you can link to it when you're posting to your blog. [[User:Magda|{{User:Magda/sig}}]] 17:40, 30 Jul 2005 (EDT)
==Custom signatures for discussion pages==
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